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About Us

Eagle's Nest Early Learning Center Inc.

At Eagle’s Nest Early Learning Center, Inc. we believe that quality child care depends upon consistent care giving.  Children grow and learn best in a safe environment that provides them the room to explore, create and communicate with other children and adults in a home-like atmosphere. 


The Center is designed to include both planned and spontaneous activities in response to children’s interests; experiences with music, movement, art, language and building are incorporated daily into the plans.  Regularly schedules snacks and meals, rest time, indoor and outdoor play and routines in physical care giving promotes each child’s health and comfort as well as ability to care for him/ herself. 


Children are encouraged to develop a positive self-image, to learn inner controls and to cooperate with peers and caregivers.  Clearly defined limits help them recognize and accept their emotions and express their feelings as they grow and feel secure in the world around them.


We encourage the need for open and thorough communication between teachers and each family to provide loving care for each child and confidence for each parent.

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